CAZZO magazine

A self-published magazine to promote opinions, ideas and artistic talents



Started as a group project, which after time became individual, the magazine wants to promote free speech and artistic talents. It lets people share their thoughts and show their personal artistic and design projects. The name CAZZO is a vulgar expression in the Italian vocabulary, which in this case stands both as an attention grabbing word and as an intensifier word. As a vulgar word it naturally grabs the attention of people, so to approach a wider audience. But most importantly it is an intensifier word which gives the push to go through hard work and create your own art and share your own opinions. Many people have great potentials which they do not use at its fullest because they think it is not as important as other work. The magazine wants to push people to engage more in their personal projects and opinions, which with the help of CAZZO they will get the recognition they deserve.


Issue 1 - Fallo cazzo

The first published magazine, December 2018, includes the work of seven people and touches several different topics. Its variety includes critiques, thoughts, opinions, poems, comics, illustrations and photos. The magazine is 16 pages long and the paper is Cartamela.


Issue 2 - History is repeating itself

The second issue has “History is repeating itself” as its main topic. It discusses the rise of nationalism and populism around the world, encouraging a better understanding of this important problem. Published in March 2019, it features illustrations, articles, stories, collages and photos of different contributors. The magazine is 16 pages long and the paper is Cartamela.


Stickers, posters and t-shirts were printed as additional gadgets, characterized by Alice Giacomin’s illustration.

_DSC5400 as Smart Object-1.jpg

Issue 3 - Technology is changing us

Tackling issues around the topic of technology, the third issue of CAZZO is by far the magazine that has more content. 23 people contributed, in which many are students from UNIBZ, but people from outside Bolzano also joined, from cities like Milan, Venice and Rome. With a total of 32 pages (double than the previous ones), the magazine upgraded the paper, going from a rougher Cartamela to a more qualitative Sistina.


The magazine came together with its smaller version, CAZZETTO. This included “gadget” resembles the popular social network Instagram as a printed version of the scrolling feed. It is built on various posts that resemble the content of the magazine. CAZZETTO purposely shows you an unreadable taken out-of-context version of the works, so to create confusion and misinterpretation, as a statement towards the increasing speed in which we consume entertainment.


CAZZO magazine - The Documentary

Telling the story of how the magazine came to be, the documentary is a fun and inspirational story that gives more context on what the magazine is. To watch the documentary CLICK HERE.