"Dystopia is Now" Semester Project

Fabian's second semester projects at UNIBZ had the theme of dystopian worlds and problems of our society



Propaganda Poster

For the first exercise, students had to think of a dystopian world (based from a book, movie, or also invented) and create a poster of propaganda which the person in power would design. Fabian's theme was a world in which people had the opportunity to enter a VR planet and live their lives there without damaging the real world. It stumbled on issues about technology and our relation with it.


Branding Identity

Working in couples, a branding identity of a company had to be created, which didn't cause the dystopian problem, but took a secondary role in it. These worlds had to be set in a not distant future. Fabian paired up with Amedeo Bonini, designing a company which manufactured the technology to create personalized characters used in VR sexual experiences. They both believed this will be the future of porn and the VR industry (which in many cases already is). It tackled again issues with tech, but more focused on social interactions in relation to new technologies.

Final Project

The final and main project could have been every kind of visual communication work which talked about an issue with the theme of dystopian worlds. Fabian chose to tackle the issue of internet and over-saturation of information, with a book about internet memes. To read more about this book, CLICK HERE.