Animated cartoon series about three high school students


ENCIAIDEN (italianization of the german word "entscheiden", meaning "to choose") was a YouTube animated series on Fabian's channel ARTadillo. It follows the story of three high school students (Leandro, Melissa and Ugo) who go through their daily lives. A feature of the series was that commenters could decide something about the next episode (from here comes the name), such as an object or a character. 


The series has a total of four episodes, because later on Fabian didn't have the time anymore to animate (which is a really long process). The first episode has the main characters just dealing with the fact that it is the first day of school


The second episode takes the series in a more creative and fictional direction. It talks about the characters having bullying problem and a magical entity coming to help them.


Entering the life of the main character, Leandro, we see in the third episode part of his family and the repercussions of a virus on his 3D printer.



In the fourth and final episode, the longest one yet, has a main story seeing Leandro finding a girlfriend, and a side story, involving the character of ARTadillo as a pet agent (working in the same field as Perry the Platypus). 


Fabian had in plan other five more episode, which would have all be linked to make a longer and more complex story. It would have taken place in the multiverse, and the disappearing of Leandro at the end of episode four would have been backed up and explained. 

The intro for the series was composed and played by YouTuber Venturolling. A separate music video was uploaded to acknowledge the whole song.