FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championship

Logo for FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championship set in Val di Fassa in 2019



The organization FIS asked Scuola Ladina di Fassa to design the logo for an event called “FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships” and Fabian’s proposal got into first place. The above was his final product, which as a whole resembles a mountain, while the white area showcases the typical ladin mask, to give importance to the location. Below there is some research of the project and a previous version of the logo, which had also a ski-boot merged in it.


Unfortunately, they took the logo and gave it to another graphic designer, which changed it appearance. Now the official logo for the event is an overly-detailed mountain with a ski-boot, which looses all the importance of the location by removing the typical mask. It has become a default logo for ski events that could take place anywhere in the world.