Fruity Music Collection #1

Tracks created with Fruity Loops, inspired by plunderphonics, videogames and vaporwave




As an anthem to the protest against the controversial Article 13, the track promotes free use of copyrighted content as a form of freedom of expression. The tune of Super Mario’s iconic song, during the first part of the track, symbolizes how we can go towards a better and more free Internet if we don’t censor copyrighted material.

The Animals Are Crossing

Using samples from the game “Animal Crossing - Wild World”, the track has an upbeat tune which resembles our meaningless lives, where we try to find meaning in things that do not have it.

The World’s Worst

The absurdity of Donald J. Trump being president of the United States is displayed on this track, emphasizing it with wacky tunes and a ticking clock. Trump’s voice is a small sample from a news conference as he defended his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Dem Land Südtirol die Treue

An electronic reinterpretation of the classic tyrolean song “Dem Land Tirol die Treue”. To know more about this EP album CLICK HERE

Merry Merry Melodies

A track based on the theme song of “Merrie Melodies”, enriching the underrated tune to two and a half minutes.

Se telefonando…

Sampling Mina’s song “Se telefonando”, the track modernizes it and tributes the artist by empowering the strong feelings it conveys

Heaven in our world

A hip-hop inspired track, with the usage of Super Mario sounds and NAS’ song “Heaven”.

Annelise Braun

Sampling the masterpiece “California Dreaming” by The Mamas and the Papas, the track conveys the powerful hymn in its fullest potentials. The title of the song plays with the misunderstanding of its lyrics, where instead of “All the leaves are brown”, german speaking people hear “Annelise Braun”.

rEAL iSOpOd HoUrs

Inspired on a internet meme called by the same name, the track samples “New Super Mario Bros - Overworld (Versus Mode)” slowing down its pace and remixing its upbeat rhythm.


The title, being the phonetic equivalent to “Annelise Braun”, is based on the vaporwave genre, which samples older music and slows it down. This track uses “California Dreaming” to create a both nostalgic and discomforting feeling, showcasing the awkward situation of a generation who feels more and more isolated by a technology which supposedly had to connect us all together. The music video perpetuates this feeling with its graphics and usage of samples.

shy guy

The unknown character from the Super Mario saga, shy guy, has its own leitmotif with this track. Reflecting its personality, the song makes us empathize with this introvert character, which is too afraid to show his face that he covers it with a mask. Shy guy resembles the common traits of today’s internet generation, an uncomfortable feeling of loneliness and social anxiety.

Floaty Crowny Things

A remixed version of Fairly Odd Parents’ theme song. By chopping various pieces of the track, this song makes a tributes to the cartoon and its catchy song.

blue’s chill

The short intro from “Blue’s Clues” is sampled in this track to create a relaxing and comforting piece.

nyan cat lofi

As the title says, this track brings the up-lifting tune to a more relaxed and slow paste, creating a lofi tribute to the famous internet meme.


Sampling Takako Mamiya’s song and voices from the cartooon Heidi, the track conveys sadness and its acceptance. Through the harsh and depressing sound of melancholy, we are forced to accept the inability to change our sorrows and need to carry on with our lives.