Fruity Music Collection #2

Tracks created with Fruity Loops, inspired by plunderphonics, videogames and vaporwave



No Rush

Through the same nature of “The World’s Worst”, the talk between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump is displayed as wacky and absurd. The conversation seems like they would be in a intimate relationship, which is emphasized with the melody surrounding it.


The name Fabian stems from Latin, meaning “Bean grower”, and the choice of using Mr. Bean’s theme song is a direct link to Fabian itself. The song, called “Ecce homo qui est faba” (Behold the man who is a bean), is a look behind on his life during the last months, which features slowed down samples from songs created in that span of time, immortalizing the path he has created.

weak spot

Together with Alice Giacomin, the track was created by sampling New Super Mario Bros’ music. It conveys a feeling of being inside the videogame while on hallucinogenic drugs.

Let’s Get Digital

The story of humanity being overtaken by technology is told through this track. It follows the human being getting in touch with technology, getting to know it, being dependent on it, getting overwhelmed by it, and at the end being overtaken by it.

I review you

This anthem of the battle between Pewdiepie and T-series is a remix to the original song “Bitch Lasagna”.


Sliding brings the “Slide Theme” from Super Mario 64 to another level, by stretching it out and revealing the complexity and magnificence of the song. Every part of the song is taken and it is given its well-deserved space to shine at its fullest.

The music video is a psychedelic journey through the game’s level.

Suppress the net

Dan Bull, a known music composer on YouTube, made a track against the controversial Article 13 and prompted people to remix it while it is still legal to do so. “Suppress the net” samples it and tells its own story with the words of an actual member of the European Parliament protesting against the article.

Article 13 has been approved

The same day as the Article was passed, this song immortalizes that moment. Through DÖF’s song “Codo” and the actual audio footage from the European Parliament approving the mandate, it tells the sad story of the beginning of broad censorship on the internet.

The music video tells the story by using copyrighted material and hypothesizing on how much distortion we will need to add for being able to use them.


From old German television programs, the thirty minutes long track tells the tale of Frau Holle. Rearranging the music and voices from the tv program, the track reshapes storytelling and welcomes you in a dreamy and peaceful world.

Youtube’s content claim system is out of control.wav

Many creators have copyright problems with YouTube’s Content ID, and Gus Johnson’s talk criticizes it, while the added music in the background emphasizes his frustration. This “manifesto” wants to make YouTube liable of its actions and demands it to take provisions about this problem.

🍪 🎀 𝒴❁𝓈𝒽𝒾'𝓈 𝒸𝒽𝒾𝓁𝓁 𝒾𝓈𝓁𝒶𝓃𝒹 🎀 🍪

Set in an unknown forest on Yoshi’s island, the track is a calm and relaxing tribute to Yoshi’s theme song.

The related music video is a peaceful background video characterized by repetition.

✴️ 乃𝑒ℓℓ んᓰℓℓ ✴️

Three Super Mario tracks transporting you in another world where the sky is blue and everything’s fine.