.hUman's probleMs.

Series of collages, each representing a big problem in our society




During the second decade of the 21st century, nationalism has been on the rise, which it is creating a lot of problems, disparities and racism. The collage shows a man which sits on a forest, thinking that the location is his property. The over-sized man represents the core of nationalism, idea of belonging to a group which lives in the same area/nation as you. This idea of belonging becomes dangerous when we start to deny basic rights to foreign people who need the help more than you, just because you were born there and you supposedly are more entitled to it.

.cliMate Change.

This postcard depicts climate change and its consequential problems. It is one of the biggest problems of our lives, that will have big and dangerous consequences in the future. It's already too late, but if we take action now, we can reduce the damage at its minimum. The happy family in the collage is swimming in the snow, showing the contrast between hot and cold temperature, that will affect our next generations with the rise of sea levels and other issues.


We live in a society full with consumerism. It may be good on some levels, but it also damages us and the planet. Like the woman on the postcard, we are driven by society to consume and not go out of the rails, if we want to have a "normal" life. Mass-consumerism makes us believe that we can only be happy by buying things, and especially it damages the world by producing too many useless products which will be thrown away too easily.


Even if many people are now living good lives, with many opportunities, the wealth is still distributed too unfairly. A big portion of humanity lives in poverty with no chance to get better, while others have a ridiculous amount of money which they spend in useless and unnecessary things. The kid shows the absurdity and unfairness that someone can be born and already own so much, while others will never be able to afford a decent life.


The biggest problem of them all though, is selfishness. This collage is slightly different than the others by the use of colors. Here we have the kid in colors while the background black and white. It symbolizes that we think we are at the centre of the universe. Like the child does, we shape the world in our favor, regardless all the other living beings. We always want to get the most out of everything, often causing negative effects on other people or living beings. It's the biggest problem because we usually don't even realize we are hurting someone or something else.