L Prum Nadel

CD Album and Flyers for a Christmas show, performed by Scuola Ladina di Fassa



CD Album

Songs of the play were mastered in a CD, which took another approach into the appearance of it. The cover is still showing the path from the mountains to the desert, but more abstract. The cross in the middle connects the two locations and the two characters (which go different directions to both  meet up afterwards in Bethlehem). The booklet inside has instead photos of the play with the name of the songs and some information describing the scene, rather then the lyrics.



Several flyers were made with the intent to print different ones in different locations and getting the attention of the public. The design follows the storyline of the show, where two characters go from the Alps (left) to Bethlehem (right), as a christmas themed play.

1 due fassani thommy.jpg