Pale Machine - Arthink Edition

Illustration of the song Pale Machine by Bo En, for the Arthink Edition contest



The contest was about making reinterpreting a song in a illustration. The format was different than the usual, because the winners of the contest would have their works printed and sold on a 3 sided foldable frame, which can be hung seeing the whole image, or just one of the three parts.

arthink editions.jpg

Fabian's illustration was about a non-famous artist, called Bo En. His song, Pale Machine, is about how relationships are numb and repetitive. We think that we need somebody else to live our lives to the fullest, because society tells us so. We become pale machines by always going through the same process, relationship after relationship, always thinking that's the right one and afterwards losing her/him. We should instead focus on ourselves and don't force this aspect into our lives.