Personal Collages series #1

Collages about Fabian's life, created during the Warm-Up Semester at the Free University of Bozen



WUP 17/18

A silk print, made during workshop courses before definitely starting with the university, with all the names of the students who got into the Design and Art Faculty. It symbolizes both the fun and pain which this Warm Up semester was going to bring. The names which are placed over an image or the text, are people who Fabian got to know during the workshop courses.



The weeks between the workshop courses and the start of the uni, were a little taste of what the university life could have been. The "appetizer" was a mix of feelings like happiness, curiosity and confidence.


largamente sperimentale e di sicuro successo

The new life at the University was a very confidence-giving experience. His Facebook profile image was symbolizing the new beginning for his life, like the breakfast we eat at the beginning of the day. The text characterizes his determination in three successful years at Bozen.


Condizionatori d'aria

During the first months he met a girl, where both were feeling many various feelings towards each other. The collage represents Fabian's confusion about this situation.



The previous situation got worse. From a great friendship, a lot of tension damaged it. Symbolizing this provoking pressure from both sides, the collage tells that this absurdity was the daily norm.



After talks and discussion on that previous dilemma, Fabian elaborated his thoughts on the word "selfishness", which was given by her to him, being one of her reasons for this tensions. Going to the roots of the word, the text reveals how a percentage of selfishness is in the nature of humans, not even being aware of it. It contemplates both negative and positive side of this trait.  On the right side Saint Peter's square is being used as a cup holder, absurdly asking the question: is it selfish to use it as a cup holder, or is it selfish to not let it be used as one.



The WUP semester is known to be a stressful period, with a lot of projects and little time of relax. The man feels the confusion of the students and the being out of touch with the former normal life. The title meaning electromyography, is what the upper image is, and it symbolizes the confusion of the semester, both by the image and the complex word.



"Stesso", being an Italian word which is used in the sentences "it doesn't matter" and "being myself", represents the time when Fabian wasn't working, and  was just relaxing from all his tasks. Above the astronaut is entering another world, showing the difference between the working life and the relaxing life. Under it there is a re-imagination of one particular episode while relaxing in the park, with a man and his two dogs.



Facebook profile image, with Fabian and his collages in the background. It shows his appreciation for his work.



A common place where Fabian went at night during the WUP semester, he commemorated the place with the awful logo of Enzianoffice (which sign can be seen by that place) duplicated three times, like the street lights. It sums up the moment by that river, with a piece of lyric which was quite funny, and also ridicules again Enzianoffice's logo.


Menu di Natale

A WUP class christmas dinner and its night out was an amazing experience for Fabian. It culminated the joy and friendships of the previous months, being a night to be remembered by the students of the 2017/2018 WUP. The collage shows how it was a both devastating and amazing night, and how it demonstrated and strengthed the bond which had been created during the semester.


magari qualcun'altro vuole mettersi

This photoshopped photo resembles Fabian's recurrent thoughts about selfishness. The phrase "maybe someone else wants to be here" is how he would take (consciously or unconsciously) the spotlight of someone else. It also asks the question if he is asking too much spotlight with his appearance, consisting in a funny mustache, colored hair and extravagant clothes. This last statement can be seen by the two different trees, one glowing and colored, the other just plain simple, how nature created it. 

magari qualcun'altro vuole mettersi.jpg


The last week of the Warm Up Semester, the students worked the most, staying up till late at night. The collage resembles the stress and the pressure Fabian had during those last weeks. The orange juice (orange like the first collage) on the bottom right shows though how all this pressuring and and hard work helped a lot to get into the design world and how it works. It's the amalgamation of all the useful and helpful information and experience that this semester gave him.



During the last days of the semester, Fabian reconciled from the previous friendship/relationship problems which the first collages talk about. He now asks the question why does it happen every time that when he gets caught up with a person more then he should be, it almost never quite works out. The women represent the various times he had those problems, and the fact that it is always the same person symbolizes that it's basically always the same dilemma. The image on the upper left shows how every time can be an amazing experience, but that it will always get to an end, as the yellow boxes are still boxes and don't exceed. 


The Happo Family

After an amazing semester, Fabian is eager to see how the next one will be. As the bottles of liquors, symbol of partying, are talking to each other in Südtirol dialect, tell how a part of him is really excited for what's about to come, while the other part wants to be more careful seeing the problems that arose last semester. It is attached to a piece of plexiglass, and at the center the word "surprise" reinforces the meaning of this work. The title for this collage is based on what the surprise of the Kinder surprise egg was, and the intriguing part is that during the next semester Fabian actually found two friends he perceived as his UNI-family.