Personal Collages series #2

Collages about Fabian's life, created during his 2nd semester at the Free University of Bozen



Low Saturation

With his faded pink hair, Fabian just wants to state that it is time to get more color in his hair, to have a fresh new start at the new University semester.

Low Saturation.jpg

alaska zafferan

Englobing some days before the start of the semester, he brings some of his photos together to remember those days at skiing and walking with his dog Alaska. 

alaska zafferan.jpg


His style and philosophy let's him distant himself sometimes from the real world and its tasks. It's like he's living in his own little island, where it is calm and comfortable, juxtaposed to the frenetic lifestyles around him. He's asking himself if it is a good thing to distant himself from society and its rules, or if it is hurting himself to not be like everyone else. 


Puttega, iatz hots mi wider frigiert...

It is the dilemma of pursuing a short-term pleasure or a long-term one. Fabian kept on going right, where it is fun, mind-opening and exciting, but unstable. Going to the left would mean to standardize to the norm of society, wearing different various masks (Pirandello's relative identities/masks). It has a basis though and would bring to many achievements. Fabian took the easy way out too many times, like the person representing him saying "damn it, it got me again".


una scoperta sul tè che molti faranno

The collage tells the story of a night out with friends, were Fabian had really a blast (comic cloud saying "AAAHH! I'M GOING INSANE! NOBODY CAN STOP ME NOW!") , but his drunkness took the better on him and decided to leave the place and sleep too early (comic cloud saying "...and then you make a flip..."). He got disappointed the day after because it would have been quite fun to stay some more hours. He understood a side of himself (like the title suggesting it) which he had to analyze it and take it more under control.



A self-reflection on a personal problem, where he can't really do much about it, because it isn't something that he can willingly make vanish.



During his semester he got to really know better three girls, with which they had a group called FIGA (being an acronym for their names). The circles make up the logo of their group, with the four members around it. It is telling the story of the last month of the semester, where some tension was surfacing and slightly threatening to loosen up the four-member based group. 


when you just chillin but then society forces you to not be yourself

Based on dank memes and the deep frying technique, the collage is symbolizing his feeling towards giving up his unusual style, and therefore identity. A month from the end of the semester he had to color his hair from yellow to brown, and some identity doubts emerged. He felt like he was forced to conform to society, loosing that freedom of dressing and appearing like he wanted to. The work shows the instability and fright inside him, even when facing an apparently little change. 

when you just chillin but then society forces you to not be yourself.jpg