Pre-UNI collages

Half an year before starting university, Fabian composed several distinct collages and works about various topics



Liberalism VS Nationalism

An abstract work, talking about the rising nationalism around the globe. The left side symbolizes the left being blue (calm and diligent). The right side, symbolizing the right, is invisible. During previous years the right successfully got more power by hurting the left (showed by the pointy shapes going through the blue left side). It always got worse, shown by the colors which always got more intense (from an acid green till a more dangerous red). We are about to see the peak of nationalism and it's damage, represented by the most right triangle, that still has to interfere with the blue left.

Liberalism VS Nationalism.jpg


. (a.k.a. dot), is a painting recreating the changing life of Fabian during his last high school year. It resembles the philosophical and psychological changes he had during that year, and how after his life would have been much more rich and better with this change. It is symbolized by the simple left side which drops down into this dot, centre, where all those changes are interfering. After those changes the shapes are more energetic, powerful and increased in number, showing how his life would gotten better and more interesting.

!!ROSENQUIST REVIVAL!!! <<WhiTe NaTionalism Edition✊🏻>>

Influenced by the great James Rosenquist and his work "F-111" (86 foot long painting about commercialization and the Vietnam war),  this collage represents the commercialization of everything during the times of internet. Products like a Starbucks coffee, Bruno Mars, or the super bowl are part of the immensely big advertisement we are forced to see everyday on our devices. The long title, the flashy colors and the chaos of images give the feeling on how ads are being bombarded to us every minute of our life. President Donald Trump and his 59 Tomahawk fired missiles on Syria are just another tragic event which was covered slightly on the news, because just as ads, Trump sells himself with so many breaking news we just can't keep up with and recognize the most important ones.

Rosenquist revival - White nationalism edition.jpg


Contemplating the concept of art, this work gives us many feelings and thoughts on how we should embrace this word. Art, at its purest form, can be just anything. Going from the left, with some more recognizable works, to the right, with more abstract and absurd images, it shows us that art evolves, it doesn't stop on one point. Art will always become something else and there are always going to be people claiming something "can't be art". But if it means something to someone or it transmits some kind of feelings, why can't it be?


*kills inside*

Fabian was going through some emotional changes, which got quite intense. The work symbolizes the feelings he had towards someone else, which weren't the same for that person. It shows the both positive and hopeful side of him, and the more hurtful and disappointing feelings.

*kills inside*.jpg

Der Titel ist Bedeutung

"The title is meaning" is a collage which covers the absurdity of meanings, labels and our own existence. Like the title hints at it, we give meaning to meaningless things. We consider ourselves a part of a bigger group, even if it isn't based on anything "real". The dog represents humanity (uncovering our animal nature), which puts its mind in several boxes where he unconsciously is imprisoned to. Giving ourself labels, we get a strong feel of being part of something bigger and important. This can be positive, but also negative in which it is  limiting us on our decisions, beliefs and acceptance.


Dive In!

Consumerism is everywhere. If new want to or not, we are constantly subjected to it. It repeats itself with various formulas, but with always the same goal: selling something. The collage gives this feeling of mass-consumerism and the exaggerated rate of ads shown in our daily lives. The title is both a reference to the public pool, and the motto of this ideal, which wants you to "dive in" consumerism and don't think about it. 

Dive in!.jpg

Definition of existentialism

Being an important philosophy for Fabian, this collage shows his view on this ideal, giving his meaning of the word. The background transmits the feeling of infinite, meaninglessness, and the person (Fabian) symbolizing the fun and the freedom of being whoever you want to be.