Problematics Collages collection #2

Collages about dystopian problematics, created during the 2nd semester at the Free University of Bozen




We are doomed by society to not be our true self. We are driven to a material success, where who has more quantitative and qualitative things, is seen as a better and more successful person. We follow what other people like, because it is easy and comfortable. We don't take enough chances to find ourselves, without society telling us who we are. 



Based on a right-wing Facebook post and its comments, this collage shows the ignorance towards problems and politics. In America for example, you are either a democrat (left) or republican (right), but both are just boxes to fit ourselves in, without thoroughly thinking about each issue. We should find our way, towards the different, yellow light. The character from animal crossing, Resetti, is the embodiment of society, which is all caught up on unimportant problems (like not saving the game Animal Crossing, even if it automatically saves everything). People and politics are just like him, complaining about issues without ever contemplating it and seeing both sides, therefore not coming to a well-analyzed answer.



Based on Fabian's poster of the same name, this collage tells the story of a dystopian world where the earth is rotting and the last hope for humanity is entering a virtual world, Aerth, and live there. This brings up many issues like "could living in VR be the same as in reality?", "will there be a stronger hierarchy in a virtual world, were with a click everything's possible?" and "could this actually save the earth?".


Schweinerippe im Ofen

During his semester, Fabian worked on projects based on dystopias. The topic which intrigued him more was the internet and how it is shaping us. This collage is an analyzation on it. The internet looks very interesting and exciting like the cut-out cake, but it can be dangerous as the red color suggests. We might just live nowhere in little houses with some internet connection, and we would be happy. Even if social networks get us closer, the web does in fact make us less social and lonely, for example by reducing our conversation in just text and smileys. The web gives us a lot of information, but the next big problem might actually be the over-saturation of information.



Fabian's Facebook profile image represents his feelings towards our internet-based society. We just entered in an era of humanity which has been never seen before. An era where who has access to internet can have every kind of information in their hands. We depend so much on the internet, that we couldn't go on with our daily lives without it. This platform changed ourselves, and just a few are now realizing that there are many negative side effects. 


17.Choose the meme which resonates the most with you

A statement about how we are changing our language and behavior because of the internet. The work shows a horribly written statement, which is part of a questionary of who you are as a person. The web gives us the opportunity to find groups of people which resonate more with our ideologies, giving space to people like LGBTQ members, but also reinforcing white nationalists and other hate groups. This collage portraits various internet memes, which also reflect what kind of personality we have.


For better and for worse, we can't stop the web to get always more into our lives. The internet is symbolized with its both negative and positive sides, with horrible comments, ads, memes and entertainment. Instead, the new game devices from Nintendo, "LABO", tries to approach a more crafty and manual type of experience, going the opposite way of what we would expect. We can notice that if even we try to get back to the roots of our pre-internet lives, we are still inevitably going towards a fully digitalized era. 


it's parrot time

Internet memes evolve. Going through their history clockwise, we see they started form "image macros", to ironic and distorted jokes, to end up to post-ironic images where just a letter is the only fundaments of a hilarious joke. Memes will still evolve, but they need to get more and more deeper to stay relevant to their most determined community. Not memes which everyone can understand, but dank memes (which are appraised by a relatively small community) could approach to an end during the next years because of their fast reproduction nature.


Ich bin ein Star, hier raus!

The period of Donald J. Trump's presidency doesn't seem real. It feels like it's all a joke. With his hilarious tweets and outrageous comments, Trump got the spotlight he wanted, but with it he endangered many people's lives and brought many problems to the U.S. and the world. The collage shows the absurdity of his actions, and how it genuinely resembles the plot of a comedic and tragic cartoon.