Snapchat Geofilter

Snapchat geofilters for various towns



Snapchat geofilters are filters that can be used only by being in a certain location, giving the place a personalized filter.


The first one simply shows off the church of the town, while the second one illustrates various places in Predazzo.


Pozza di Fassa

The first two show the mountains of the place and the ladin flag, the first with a silhouette, the second one with two triangles.


The third one is just for the high school in the town, with its name and a sculpture that is placed in front of it.



This filter is something different then the others, taking a more futuristic and abstract approach.



Cavalese has a simple but effective filter, with its church on it. The other is paired up with a filter for Canazei, because these two towns are the start and end of two valleys, therefore a similarr design connects the whole towns together

Geofilter Cavalese Kid.png


The filter which pairs up with the one of Cavalese, has the same structure but some slightly different colors.



A town in holland with a modern looking filter and a thin font.



A small town near Valladolid, Spain, giving the feeling of sunshine and joy.



A village near Valladolid, Spain, with its defining castle.



A town in Louisiana, where Fabian's high school was situated, has its filter with the colors of the school and Fabian's hidden signature in the background.


Ski resort Lusia

Fabian has a lot of filters which have never been accepted. Lusia is one of them, which is a popular ski resort near Predazzo.