WUP Semester

The first semester (Warm Up Projects) at the Free University of Bozen consisted in several small design exercises 



The WUP Semester was divided in visual communication (professor Antonino Benincasa) and product design (professor Nitzan Cohen). Every week or two we had a new exercise to work on, which at the end helped the students to get the knowledge and abilities to work on the bigger projects during the following semesters. Below are shown the works of Fabian during this semester.

Visual Communication

The very first project was to design a simple layout and by hand illustrate a famous typographer.

The second exercise was to create two posters to commemorate typographer Hermann Zapf, using the program VectorRaster.

VK - Mockup HZ.jpg

To implement the abilities in illustrating and Adobe Illustrator, they accurately recreated a design object with the program.

To learn layouts and managing copyrighted photos, the students had to create three double-sided pages and cover of a fictional magazine

Creating the branding identity consisted in choosing the right font and designing a logo as a monogram of their names.

With the program Glyphs, students created a hybrid between two fonts from Hermann Zapf. Plus they illustrated themselves with Adobe Illustrator in a creative way.

Product Design

The very first exercise was to scale up a object to at least one meter, using only cardboard, tape and two hours.

The two-hours training gave the basis for a two-weeks long exercise: building a hybrid of two existing instruments only with cardboard and tape. Fabian's instrument is an accordion mixed with a harmonica and a DJ set.

Using Finnish cardboard and glue, the students recreated an object 1:1 with some changes that should have improved it.

In couples, the students had to build a chair from which the only reference for measures and proportions was a small 5x5 cm photo. Having to use PVC tubes and tape, Fabian and Greta Kühnemann recreated a chair from the first decades of the 20th century.

Forex was the material used for the next exercise, which was to recreate a small object 1:1 in the most detailed way possible.

This exercise involved aluminum sheets, and consisted in creating an object (vase or lamp) which we previously rendered in Rhinoceros.


In the same couples of before, students had to get informed about an electric household object, learn every aspect about it, and afterwards create a better version of that design piece. Fabian and Greta worked on ventilators, and their final object had a rotatable neck, the possibility to bend the neck, and no visible blades.

PD - Fan Render3.26.jpg

As side projects, to get to know the workshops better, students created various objects using wood and metal.